• Stronger teams in times of social distancing

    Unlock the collaborative powers of your team. Team&Space, a one-day face-to-face workshop to help your team settling into the new reality.

  • Business as usual?

    Don't think so!


    The ongoing pandemic has forced teams and organisations to reinvent themselves, generating new ways of working. Not only did the crisis put a magnifying glass on organisational challenges, it also dramatically disrupted our social relationships. While working together from a distance, team dynamics are being stretched into uncharted territories.


    If we are to (re)build resilient teams for the months and years to come, we have to act now.

  • A one-day workshop for teams in transition

    An immersive team experience, away from your office and screens.

    Maximising exchange through participatory methodologies and professional facilitation.

    Generating concrete actions and opportunities to strengthen your team.

    Together in one space, yet fully compliant with COVID-19 safety measures.

  • Through Team&Space you will


    Reinforce positive team dynamics in a meaningful yet fun way.


    Build on learnings from past and present experiences, ensuring every voice is heard.


    Find answers to new challenges through the collective intelligence of your team.


    Leap into the new reality enhancing the effectiveness of your team.

  • Powered by Otherwhere

    Your Sherpa for Social Innovation

    OTHERWHERE wants to play an active, positive role in today’s changing society by helping you, your team and organisation in reaching your desired destination.


    Together we create a safe environment that enables you to walk paths never walked before. Together we open up space for new ideas and opportunities to emerge, starting from the valuable seeds that are already there. Together we build communities larger and stronger than the oldest mountain chains, mindful of the systems in which we operate. Together we activate a growth mindset that will make you, your team and organisation impact entire continents, as powerful as the Eyjafjallajökull.


    You choose your destination, our Sherpas will guide you along the way.